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Model: GM-P02
Name: Baseket Fortune

Brief Description:
Basket Fortune is a 4-player quick coin game perfect for basketball-crazed fans, including individual progressive jackpots. This basketball-themed game features a revolving plate that supports 12 small funnels. Player must drop their coin into the slot with precise timing so the coin falls into one of the rotating funnels below. To win the Big Jackpot, the coin must fall into the corresponding Jackpot Basketball. The machine has following features:
* Small 36 Square Footprint
* 12 Basket Targets
* 3 Bonus Basket Targets
* 1 Jackpot Basket
* Operator Adjustable Payout

Product Specification:
Dimension: L97*W97*H202 cm
Weight: 125Kg
Power: 110V/220V, 300W
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