F-49 Needle-free Mesotherapy Equipment

Akcesoria do pielęgnacji

Explaination of Accessories:

1. Cell rupture golden spoon
Microwave vibrating can promote circulation, purify pores, skin epidermis, ease nerve center, tepid effect can activate circulation, open the protective membrane.

2. Rejuvenated injection probe
By orientation, layer-oriented, ration, directly inject many kinds of nutrition into deep-seated cells, assist to melody the muscale, lymph drainage, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, comparing it with the single skin care products, effectively absorb products higher 2000 times, so get the best beauty effect at one-step.

3. Reconstruction ultrasonic
Protect and repair the skin with cell membrane protection and skin joyful genes, special anti-aging, defend the skin damage from circumstance pollution, repair pathological changes of the skin.

4. Close pores hammer
Appease the skin, clear the sensitivity, exhaust out of skin waste and toxins, strengthen collagen fibres, enhance skin elasticity, close the pores.

Work theory:

It uses the electrophoresis technique, easily opens the water channel entrance of cells membrane, penetrates into cells membrane, through hair follicle, sweat glands and cutin layer, to promote circulation.
2 Seconds only, it can quicken high-concentration active substance, directly penetrate into deep-seated skin layer.
The active substance will stay in lymph system about 1200 hours.
The valid absorption ratio is higher over 2000 times.

Clinic applications:
1. Quick wrinkle removal; 2. Cellulite romoval; 3. Freckle removal and skin whitening; 4. Orange skin tissue removal.

Special technique:
Electrophoresis technique: under the funciton of the electrophoresis field, the cells membranc temporarily appear microporous physics process, as a result, the inner and outer molecules of cells exchange more obviously, it benefits to the cells obsorb all kinds of medicines, gene substances, collagen and other large molecules. After the electric field cancellation, the micro pores will be close and no any influence to the cells.

The effects and how to keep the benefits of the merchant.
The effects of Needle-free mesotherapy equipment can be shown by two ways. One is the Needle-free mesotherapy electrophoresis induction technique, the other is high-effect active substance. Both are supplement each other.


1. The absorption ratio to the high-effect active substance is higher over 2000 times than the traditional skin care products.
2. During injecting the skin care products, only the proper products can match with the electric charge production of Needle-free mesotherapy equipment, then accurately form the loop microcurrent on the treated part, to control the original liquid by layer-oriented and orientation, correctly act on the targeted cells.
3. All active substance is developed by California research biology center. As the result, the effect of special active substance combination with the Needle-free mesotherapy equipment is higer than the single substance effect summation.
4. Parameters of Needle-free mesotherapy equipment are results after multiway considerations. The most important is designed by the cosmetic business peoples suited active original liquid, then can make sure the fantasy efficacy of the treatment.

Therapeutic time on the half face.
Four steps, total 30 minutes.
1. Clean the skin, ease the skin nerve, open the protective membrane: 5 minutes.
2. Active liquid with electrophoresis injection treatment, 10 minutes.
3. Melody the muscle, stimulate lymph circulation, frozen therapy and keep nutrition: 10 minutes.
4. Nutrition activation, consolidate the therapeutic effects: 5 minutes.

Solve 3 troubles in beauty field:
1. With no use any injectors, by orientation, layer-oriented, ration, to transmit many kinds of nutrition into deep-seated cells, let skin whitening, wrinkle and freckle removal and skin thinning at one-step.
2. The absorption effect is higher over 2000 times than the traditional skin care products.
3. It can be designed by the customers original liquid containers, let the equipment match with the skin care products, very special.
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