T-42 Skin Diagnosis System

Akcesoria do pielęgnacji

Detailed Product Description:

1. Using the Program A. Registration of Client Information B. Measuring Sebum Amount (T&U) C. Measuring Over Keratin D. Measuring Moisture Amount (T&U) E. Registration of Standard Skin F. Measuring Pore Size G. Measuring Wrinkle Size H. View Results: Basic Type; Pore ; Wrinkle; Acne, Freckle.
I. View Total Result and History of Records J. Comparison of Images (Viewing 3Dimensional Screen) K. Finishing Remarks.
2. Register Shop and Adjustment the Measured Values A. Run VCAP B. Register of shop name and telephone No. C. Camera Operating (Video source select). D. Adjusting and Setting the Sebum Value. E. Adjusting and Setting the over Keratin Value. F. Setting the Pore /Wrinkle Size and the Moisture Step for the good diagnosis. G. Setting the Ratio of Moisture and over Keratin.

Voltage: 110/220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Package: 40x36x13cm
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