L-45 PDT Facial Rejuvenation System

Akcesoria do pielęgnacji

Theory of PDT Facial Rejuvenation System,ed skin rejuvenation system,pdt skin care equipment.

PDT facial rejuvenation system is a complete esthetic system that treats different skin conditions with Lumi Care (4 LED lights) and Lumi Therapy (HF current Therapy and Micro-current Therapy). Together, the 6 procedures make the skin firm and smooth, offering an age defying facial.

1. Red Light at 640 nm: Increases collagen production fivefold in the skin, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth.
2. Yellow Light at 590 nm: Treats redness and is also used for its soothing, draining and detoxifying properties. It also improves the lymph and blood circulatory system.
3. Blue Light at 470nm: Improves acne prone skin with its purifying and antibacterial properties. It effectively reduces the amount of fluid in the face and treats sensitive skin to provide a clear complexion.
4. Green Light at 525 nm: Reduces pigmentation through penetration into base skin layers. Prevents the forming of fleck, gravid and aging pigment to keep skin smooth and bright.
5. HF current therapy

Two specially designed lifting electrodes, each with forth powerful extreme super-luminous LEDs, pulsate light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and use high power density to stimulate the effect.
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