Nail printer V-6.1

Akcesoria do pielęgnacji

Able to paint 20 artificial
Fingernails/toenails or 1 natural nail in one time;
Integrated design without any auxiliary devices;
Built-in various nail patterns; Input through multiple memory cards available;
Able to shape patterns with templates and change colors;
Real-time shots for nail pattern use;
12' screen with graphic interface and touch-screen based operation;
Auto/Manual adjustment in size, direction and position of nail patterns;
Able to work with a coin identifier; Auto print count, upgrade software;
Able to apply in shopping malls, supermarkets and fashion store etc.
Characterized by one-stop, fast service;
Able to be a device to produce finished artificial nails;
Able to be used as auxiliary apparatuses by nail and beauty salons.
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