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  • DM-001

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    Glass Fornt Design;
    Cooling system with R134a refrigerant;
    MDB standard prepared for Bill and Coin systems with change;
    Multi-price capabilities (0.05 to 99.95);
    Connection for cashless payment systems;
    LCD display with scrolling message;
    Electronic refrigeration --- The height for goods shelf can be adjusted function, function of refreigeration moving up and down automatically.
    Sales variety: 60 different kinds of beverages
    Cooling temperature : 3--12C(Adjustable);
    Dimension(w*d*h): 880x784x1788mm;
    Weight: 300KG
    Power Supply : 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ;
    Power Consrmption: 700W(With Cooling Unit)
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