na papierosy

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  • TM-004

    Automaty » na papierosy

    The vending machine is designed for box or bag living consumable like condom,tissue,cigarette... It can install on the wall or stand on the desk.

    Machine Size: 42×20×60cm, W×D×H
    Packing Size: 50×29×68 cm, W×D×H
    Container (40GP): 495 pcs
    Container (40HP): 656 pcs
    Net weight: 20Kg
    Capability: 4 Shelves×20 pcs;80 pcs
    Color: blue (or customized)
    Coin-mech: 1-0.5(or customized)
    Coin Capability: 300 Pcs
    Price adjustable anytime
    Voltage: AC220V/110V(or customized)
    Power: 120W
    There are 4 shelves for 4 different products, you can adjust the price of each selections anytime if you change the product. It needn’t buy new machines if vending other new product.
    The electric coin-mech can accept three kinds of coins at one time, and can be adjusted to accept other new coins by software. It needn’t buy new coin-mech if publish new coin or sale the machine to other country.
  • TM-004B-3

    Automaty » na papierosy

    The vending machine is designed for cylindrical products or any items packed inside Diameter(16-20mm) hard round tubes, or customized.

    Product number: TM-004B-3
    Size: 40x28x60cm (Width x thickness x Height)
    Weight: 22Kg
    Capability: 3 shelves x 60pcs/shelve= 180pcs
    Color: Grey, white(customized)
    Coin Acceptor: CPU Multi Coin Acceptor, accept 5 different value groups at the same time every value (customized)
    Changer: No (Customized)
    Coin capability: About 300pcs
    Voltage: 220v/110v
    Power: 40W
    The machine has the function of Tab management, total sales quantity, total funds, quantity and sales funds at some times…;Price can be changed at any time.
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